A Creative Music and Live Recording Studio and Art Hub

Roberta Escamilla Garrison, Take Off Collective, Matthew Garrison, Ole Mathisen, Marko Djordjevic, D

A Creative Music and Live Recording Studio and Art Hub

A Creative Music and Live Recording Studio and Art Hub

A Creative Music and Live Recording Studio and Art HubA Creative Music and Live Recording Studio and Art Hub

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Did you know about: Café Royal Cultural Foundation?

Café Royal Cultural Foundation awards grants of up to $10,000 to visual artists, performers and writers and in some cases up to $30,000 for musicians.

The remaining grant cycles for 2020 are March 2 - May 18,  June 1 - August 31 and September 14 - November 16.  Visit their website, apply and let them know what you are creating!

Good Luck!

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Announcements and Updates: Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we are taking all pre-cautionary measures in compliance with the recent order by the Governor of New York . We will be staying temporarily closed until further notice. We will announce our re-opening as soon as possible. Please tune in for new updates.

Stay safe, healthy and strong!

Walkthrough with Matthew Garrison 

About Us

Who we are

ShapeShifter Lab is a 4,200 square foot performance space in Park Slope/ Gowanus area in Brooklyn; we host the world’s most innovative artists who are looking for a flexible platform to present their work. Bass player Matthew Garrison, son of Jimmy Garrison (bass player for John Coltrane), is the co-owner and creative director with his business partner, Fortuna Sung. With many years as a successful touring musician under his belt, Matt and his team have designed the space with versatility in sound, lighting and layout, each of which can be tailored to each artist. With state-of-the-art equipment and raw space, Matt and his team are creating something truly unique and desperately needed in today’s venue scene in New York City. music and art event space and music productions. 


Our mission is to heavily explore uses of modern technology in the development of modern forms of music and to educate up and coming artists and musicians of the historical significance of jazz/improvisation/blues/rock/funk and demonstrate the continuous evolution of modern day music based on those disciplines.


Since our opening in 2011, we have hosted over ten thousand events and are so honored to have been involved in seeing ideas come to realization and making their way to successful ventures. Welcome to ShapeShifter Lab! 


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ShapeShifter Lab

18 WHITWELL PL, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA

For booking inquiries, please follow the top menu items and use the corresponding forms or instructions. If you're submitting a request regarding using our event space, please go to the "booking and rental" area. Thank you!

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